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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Santorini Travel Journal 2013

We booked our summer holiday way long ago in November 2012 and have been waiting patiently for it to arrive... and yay, just a couple more days to wait.  I've been prepping my travel journal ready for the holiday, so all I have to do is take it with me and fill in the journalling and pop into the pockets all the memorabilia that we collect along the way: all those special little tickets, leaflets, etc.

I've got a bit carried way - and prepared far too many pages.  So much so, that I am pretty sure it won't fit into the bind-it-all bindings, not even the biggest size.  I will have to work out that little problem when we get back - anyone got any suggestions?  For the holiday I shall just keep it in the rings - that will make it a lot easier for me to move around the pages most relevant to that day's activities.  So, here it is:

Happy holidays,


1 comment:

Bev Mayo said...

It looks fantastic and I look forward to seeing it filled when you get back. Happy holiday x