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Sunday, 7 July 2013

I Gave You My Heart quilt

It's been ages since I last blogged, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy, oh no, far from it.  When I get the chance I'll post some photos of recent projects but in the meantime my friend Sue and I went along to Bee Crafty and attended a workshop making a wonderful Wall Hanging quilt.  We were rather apprehensive as neither of us considered ourselves very capable and felt we might be out of our depth, but we needn't have worried, Sarah was very patient and encouraging.  We managed to get as far as bonding the hearts in the centre of the quilt, leaving us to sew around the edges at home.  It's taken me most of the weekend to sew the edges and there is still a lot more to do, and we may (definitely) need some help to finish them off.  Really pleased with it so far, and now looking at it, I think this may well go very nicely in my bedroom.  I was thinking of hanging it in my craft room - I'll have to wait and see once it's finished.

Thanks for looking,


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Bev Mayo said...

This is lovely. I wish I had done the class with you