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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

WOYWW: 135

What's on your workdesk? Wednesday 135.

Not a lot really.  Still got my Project Life album to finish - I've been working on Christmas week and then it's the last week in December and a little bit of titivating and then it's DONE, hurrah!  I've loved doing it and really love looking back over the year but it has been VERY time consuming.  I'm so looking forward to doing lots more different projects this year and squeezing in some scrapbooking.  Talking of which, you can see a little book that a friend of mine got me for Christmas.  Haven't had a chance to have a proper look yet.  That piece of paper in the middle is our tickets for the cinema to go in the PL album - we went to see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and it was very good.  I've read the book and it has pretty much stuck to the main script and Daniel Craig is very nice eye candy.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all the very best for 2012.

PS: many thanks to you all who explained to me the numbering system.  If only I could remember to put my number after the comments now...



Sarah said...

Wow! Well doen for completing your album, that's some going!! Happy WOYWW

inkypinkycraft said...

Happy woyww and happy new year , a quick dash round today as have been busy! Trace x

May said...

Great news with the album, Hugs May x x

Hazel said...

The album must have been a lot of work - well worth it. Happy New Year (Hazel, WOYWW 108) x

Neet said...

Thanks for putting your number - yeah! So much easier to return a comment.
Good luck with the final thrust for the album, wish I had time to do one but what an achievement you have made.
Happy New Year and thanks for sharing. Hugs, Neet #1

Carmen said...

Am hoping to do (a version of) Project Life this year too. I must buy some of those compartmentalised folder things.

With WOYWW, I cheat and copy and paste my number each post otherwise I would forever be heading back to Julia's to remember it again ;)

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Carmen x

Anne said...

Thanks for sharing your desk, looks very well organised not like mine. Like the cards you have made as well. I still have a lot of thankyou cards to make. Happy 2012. Anne x