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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Echo Park Subway Art frame

Been sooo busy making yet another album for Ashleigh to give as a wedding present - I found this quite hard as she didn't want the "traditional" type of wedding album as the happy couple are not traditional - so we went with the theme of their wedding invitation (which is pretty damn cool) and used red and blue as the basis of the album. Loving some of the elements but not liking a couple - still, it isn't for me and I found that one of the hardest things, listening to what someone else wants and making it even though I'm not very keen. Photos to follow later.

The other project I've been working on is this Echo Park subway art - this is also a wedding present and Ashleigh pretty much left this up to me to do what I wanted. I love this saying and think it's particularly relevant to a young couple setting out on married life and also it's very "now" as subway art seems to be everywhere. I'm feeling a bit under pressure cos the bride is a graphic designer and hope she doesn't cast too critical an eye on my work....

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