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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Holiday Journal

Well, with only three weeks to go until my holiday I really thought it was time to stop thinking about making my travel journal and to actually get on with it! I've given it so much thought and yet when I actually sat down to make a start, I have made it competely different, lol. That's always the way, don't you find? I haven't got very far, but at least I've got the pages cut and covered the front and back. I've sourced a few maps and have got quite a bit of info.
Oh, better tell you where I'm actually going - I'm doing the Coast to Coast walk with hubby Steve.
The route is from St Bees to Robin Hood Bay and is 190 miles long, which works out at an average of 14.5 miles per day. Shorter days occur early in the tour, where steep gradients and rough going are encountered during the crossing of several high passes in the Lake District. The days get longer towards the end of the tour, with 24 miles, mostly on level ground, between Richmond and Osmotherley being followed by a day of 21 miles over the Cleveland Hills and North York Moors, YIKES. It seemed like a good idea at time of booking.....

Take care,



chris said...

Wow sue, I am very impressed yes with the journal, and getting it ready before hand, but even more impressed with the coastal walk, it does sound amazing,and you must have to be super fit, (wich you do look)it sounds a beautiful thing to do.
have a great time hugs chris xx

Anonymous said...

А! 谢谢好东西