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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Inking with Kim

Feeling a bit better now and up to driving, so went to an inking class held at Sir Stampalot by Kim Reygate. I love Kim's classes as she uses completely different techniques and this time it was bleach. Yep, good old thin household bleach. On this card we bleached the background using a "word background stamp" and then stamped and embossed the leaves and used bleach to colour out some segments of the leaf.

On the toadstool card, we again used a stamp for the background and bleached out the petals and for the toadstool, we stamped and embossed the image and bleached out the card before colouring back in. This allows a more truer colour to come through.

And finally, for this card we stamped the image three times on different colour card, cut out and layered the two leaves and bleached out some segments to form a contrast colour. It was really interesting and I loved using the bleach, definitely something I will have a go at again.


brenda said...

Hi Sue, pleased you enjoyed Kim's class. I popped in to see her yesterday to catch up on the gossip - we both like messy background techniques so usually talk ink !

Like what you made, I saw Kim's samples but nice to see what everyone eles creates.

B x

Cheryl said...

these are great must have a go at using some bleach lots love cheryl xxxx