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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Flippin' Men

I've been having lots of fun making this card. I'm not altogether too happy about cutting out by hand, but the way these images are designed means that they are not too intricate and therefore not too difficult to cut out.
My friend is a keen cyclist so thought this was the perfect card. I first of all made a copy onto thin card of the sheet so that I had an extra layer and one that was a bit stiffer than the paper it came on. I then decoupaged the layers. I wanted it to look like he was actually cycling somewhere so found an old photo of my friend and used it as a background. I think it worked quite well, what do you think?
Once made, I cut an oval out of Bazzil card with my Silhouette. I cut it a bit smaller than the image so that it overlapped top and bottom. That way, I didn't have to worry about acetate or figure out how else to attach it to the card. I then stuck the back to the front.


Chuck Dilmore said...

that is very cool!
nice going!

like your craftiness!

Laura said...

Very nice card. I love the stamped image and the your idea to use your friends picture as the background is inspired.

Michelle Custodio said...

How I wish I am as creative and skillful as you are when it comes to crafts and card making. I envy those people who have such talent.