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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Project Life 2011 - Week 17

A good week - We started the week off with a long bike ride to prepare for a cycling holiday that we were considering but it made my mind up that it wasn't a good idea - 4 days in a row in the saddle was going to prove too much. We've booked up a walking holiday instead along the North Norfolk Coast.
The photo's show Steve repairing his puncture - we were at
the Millineum Bridge admiring the view when suddenly we could hear a hisssss....
The end of the week brought love and romance into our lives - our daughter returned home after 5 months in France on the same day as the Royal Wedding - what a great day!
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Cheryl said...

oh what a great post love the pictures,and the collage is just brilliant hugs cheryl xxxx