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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Project Life 2011 - Week 15

Just spending a bit of time catching up with Project Life - it is so easy to get behind with this project and then it's oh so tempting to give up......but I'm still trying to keep with it, it's so nice to look back over the last four months and see what we've been up to.

I've managed to capture a bit of what Ash and Sean have been up to this week - Sean has been in France "bouldering" and took some great photos. I've focussed on him getting to the top of this peak. He's even put together a few sentences for the journal.

Ashleigh had her 22nd birthday whilst working in France (pure coincidence that they are b
oth there at the same time). To mark the occasion I printed off (nearly) all her Facebook Birthday Messages and on the other side of the insert, I've printed off her most recent profile pictures - decided to use Facebook as this is the main method of us staying in touch!

On Saturday me and a few friends had a lovely weekend in Richmond, stopping off in London and as a big surprise, Steve had managed to get us into No 10 Downing Street! Wowweee, were my friends impressed! We had a tour round and went into the many rooms - the highlight was having our picture taken on the grand staircase with all the ex-Prime Minister's photos hanging on the wall in the background. Will definitely have to scrapbook that day.We then went on to Richmond and had a lovely time in the sunshine walking along the River front and having pre-theatre meal at the Piano and the Pitcher. We went to see Tell me on a Sunday in the evening at the very lovely Richmond Theatre. On Sunday we had a walk to Twickenham, it was hot and we stopped at the pub on the River front for a cool drink. It was a great weekend.

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