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Monday, 28 March 2011

Project Life 2011 - Week 11

It's funny cos the start of all my weeks begin with me doing a bit of exercise - I'm a great one for saying "I'll start on Monday" - just wish I could keep up the motivation all week :) It's the same wit the diet - by the weekend I feel in need of treats for being so good during the week and then put on any weight I may have lost!

Big news this week was that Sean got offered a place at his first choice Uni to study Graphic Design - Well done Sean. And how do you like the decal on my laptop? Steve bought it for me for my birthday - I love it, very clever of somebody who designed it, who knows, may be that will be my boy some day....

Last weekend we went to Kew Gardens and had the most idyllic day - the weather was simply gorgeous and wandering around the Gardens was just beautiful, it really was a perfect day. We loved it so much we bought an annual membership and will definitely be going back there.

I've made the big 6 x 11.5 collage in Photoshop Elements - it's a great programme and I am ever so slowly getting to grips with it. The little coin stuck on the collage is one Steve made as a souvenir of our trip - well, I say "made" - really, he popped in the pound coin, turned the handle and out it popped :)

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