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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Ahoy Matey! - Amended version

Pirate card made for my little nephew's birthday. You won't believe how long it took me to make, I nearly gave up at one point. No idea why it took so long....searching the internet for the right images and text, I guess.

The pirate is from the Quilling Patch which is a fab site with free cutting files. It cut like a dream but was a little bit tricky putting it all together with all the little pieces. I went into Word and repeated Pirate phrases and then printed it and used that as backing paper. And if you can't guess the answer to the joke, it's "Because the Pirate only has one Eye!" I've hidden the answer under the The Pirate flag.

*After sleeping on it, I decided to change the sentiment. I must admit I had started to feel a bit tired yesterday and took the easy way out by using a pre-bought sentiment. Woke up this morning full of enthusiasm and made a more appropriate one.

Have a good weekend, or what's left of it!


1 comment:

brenda said...

Hi Sue, so glad you didn't give up on this one it's brilliant, your nephew will adore it, as would any little boy. So much work turned into a fabulous well thought out card.

Have a good weekend.

B x