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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Wasted Time?

I guess no time is wasted if a lesson has been learnt?!

I have browsed the net finding useful sites and have joined UK Scrappers who have a great site with lots of useful info and tips and I have also joined Yahoo Silhouette User Group. I seem to be spending a lot of time at the PC reading up on how to use my Silhouette and not actually making anything with it! It's amazing how quickly time flies by....

Not being very computer savvy I decided to bite the bullet and try and download a programme that would make welding words and matting with the Silhouette a lot easier - I followed the instructions step by step but, you can guess, I must have done something wrong because the new programme overwrote my QK Silhouette and I lost all my QK information. Oh boy, did I panic....

I had wanted to sort it all out myself but gave in and phoned hubby who was at work and he suggested I uninstall the new programme and restore the PC back to yesterday which I did and yippee all back to normal again.

So, hours later a lot of time spent achieving not a lot.